The Irish Association of Change Ringers

125 years ringing in Ireland

Thomond (Limerick) Mini Ring (2021 Update)

Unfortunately due to space requirements in St. Mary’s Cathedral the Thomond Mini Ring has had to be dismantled, and put into temporary storage while we seek a more permanent home. Hopefully it will not be too long before the bells will be heard again.


The Northern District Mini Bells, has been sold to the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild. We thank Matthew Higby for the transportation from Northern Ireland to mainland we wish the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild best wishes in their future use.

The bells 10lb 6.5ozs in G were obtained from Matthew Higby & Co Ltd in 2005 through an Awards for All grant. The awards programme was set up to help groups in Northern Ireland develop activities and increase community partnership.

The mini ring is used by the Northern District members for monthly practices, and they can also be transported to venues for demonstration purposes with a view to encouraging the art of tower bell ringing.

Bell Weights

Treble6 lb5 oz
26 lb13 oz
36 lb7 oz
46 lb9 oz
57 lb9 oz
67 lb9 oz
77 lb0 oz
Tenor10 lb6 & 1/4 ozs in G

Simulator at St Comgall’s, Bangor

The Belfree 8 bell Wireless Ringing System is linked to Abel software on a dedicated laptop. Technical details are available at Belfree Wireless Ringing System | Wireless ringing solutions ( .

The Launch Of The Mini Bells in St Donard’s Hall 2005

Mini Bells at The Bangor Parish Church Flower Festival

Mini Bells at The Bangor 120th Anniversary Saturday 21st September 2019

St Fin Barre's Cathedral Cork Mini-Ring

The mini ring at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral was made in 2013 for the Cork ringers. It consists of six bells and was designed and built by Martin Hough. It stands approximately eight feet high on three metal legs. It is particularly useful as a demonstration tool. Also, if new ringers are trying to learn a method that requires moving places a lot, it can be done on the mini ring without much physical effort. After that they can progress to the tower bells. It is also useful if the tower bells need to be kept silent, such as when there is a concert in the cathedral on a practice night, in which case the mini ring can be used instead.

The mini ring has also been useful for demonstrating ringing to the public.

On Culture night the Cathedral is open to visitors and they are given guided tours and talks. For this event the mini ring is assembled inside the Cathedral, on the North aisle, as a way of showing people our role in the life of the Cathedral. The mini ring provides a safe and easy way of demonstrating ringing to the general public without the issues associated with accessing the ringing chamber via the narrow spiral staircase. People are able to ring on the mini ring and enjoy the experience in safety.

The mini ring is kept in the bell tower. Occasionally it is assembled in the ringing chamber, otherwise it is stored in a room between the ringing area and the belfry.