Christ Church Lurgan


About the year 1875, James Ussher, Solicitor, Partner in the firm Ussher and Watson, Lurgan, decided to be responsible for the collecting of funds to provide a ring of eight bells for the Church of Christ the Redeemer, Shankill Parish Lurgan.  His task was a hard one.  Work at the time was very scarce, and money difficult to come by.   People were critical saying it was inopportune to start such a fund, but he went ahead, writing to former parishioners, newspapers, etc.

In 1876 a very big effort to complete the scheme must have been made.  In Samuel White’s monthly  ‘Advertiser’ for the November of the year we read, “James Ussher the indefatigable Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of the Lurgan Peal of Bells Committee, has succeeded in collecting about £600 in the parish within the past few weeks.  We congratulate Mr Ussher on his success so far and hope to be able to announce in our next issue that he has finished his voluntary collecting campaign in a manner satisfactory to himself and lovers of campanology.”


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