Holy Trinity Drumbo

This Church is situated in the townland of Ballylesson, Co.Down, just a few miles south of Belfast.  It was built in 1788 and consecrated in 1789.  It has a square tower at the west end upon which is an octagonal lantern.  There are pinnacles at the corners of the tower.  The original Drumbo Parish Church was located at Drumbo Hill and, when a new church was necessary, it was decided to erect it more in the centre of population of the time at Ballylesson.

Apparently, it was the intention that the new church should contain a ring of bells, because Lord Dungannon included a reference to it in a letter he wrote in 1788.  The church had not long to wait, until 1791 in fact, when John Rudhall of Gloucester cast a ring of six bells which were hung in a wooden frame from timber headstocks and the bells had canons.

In  1977, two new treble bells were provided to augment the ring to one of eight bells, which cost £4000, even allowing for the amount of voluntary work involved to install them by the local band of ringers.  The new treble bell occupies the pit of the former treble, now number three bell, and a new frame section was attached to the west side of the original steel frame in which the new Second and the number Three bells are placed.


Practice Night:  Thursday 19.30 - 21.00 - 1st and 3rd Thursdays  please confirm with Tower Secretary

Service Ring:  Sunday Morning 10.30 - 11.00

 All Service Ringing and Practices are cancelled until further Notice due to the current Covid 19 situation.

Tower Contact:  Maud Lindsay



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