St Philip and St James Holywood

The present church of St Philip and St James in Holywood, Co.Down, was consecrated in 1844 during the incumbency of the Rev Joseph McCormick.  It was through his exertions that a “ring of sweet bells” was erected in the tower - which has a spire over the rear entrance porch, and stands at the north-west corner of the nave.

The first bells came from Wells Foundry in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, and were cast in 1798.  The details can be found in the Details of Bells section.  These six bells came from a ring of 10 which the bell ringing architect, Francis Johnston had hung over the stable garden of his residence in Eccles Street, Dublin.  These bells hung in the tower after his death in 1829 until 1844  and were sold off before the auction of contents in his residence following the death of his late wife Anne Johnston.   According to a note in the Johnston Manuscripts in the National Library, Dublin, these bells were sold by the Rev. Richard Johnston for the sum of £180.

The six bells were taken down in 1891, and the back five, together with a 15” bell from the parish room, were sent to Taylor's of Loughborough to be melted down towards the casting of the new ring of eight bells.  The Treble bell of the six was sent to Ballyclare Church, Co. Antrim, where it still remains today.

Practice Night: Monday 18.00 - 19.00 please check beforehand with Tower Secretary.

Service Ring: 11.00 - 11.30

All Service Ringing and Practices are cancelled until further Notice due to the current Covid 19 situation.

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