The bell tower is at the east end of the church with a spire.  There was in it a 17” diameter bell, which was a plain casting, with no date nor inscription.  In the 1940s, the Rudhall bell in Warrenpoint Church was given to Newcastle.  However, this 4 cwts bell was broken up in the tower and pieces thrown to the ground with a view to having it recast for Newcastle, because it would have been cheaper that transporting the bell to London for refitting and delivery to Newcastle.  It was never recast.  Then when Painestown Church closed in 1959, the bell, which was cast by John Banfield of Dublin in 1766 and was 27” in diameter, was sent to Newcastle.

 A light ring of six bells was cast by Taylor's of Loughborough in 1979, and they had to be erected in two levels, with Treble, 3 and 5 above the other three.  They were fitted with steel headstocks, whole wooden wheels, stays and sliders, with ball bearings, in a steel frame.

Practice Night: None at Present

Service Ring: None at Present

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