greyabbeyThe bells of Greyabbey church are heavily associated with the Montgomery family. The original Greyabbey bell was one of several bells given to local churches by Viscount Montgomery in the early 17th Century. Unfortunately the Greyabbey bell, (now known as “Old Gomery”) is the only one of these bells that still survives.

In 1871 Francis Montgomery, a descendent of the Viscount, gave three new bell to the church. Although these were hung for full circle ringing they were in fact chimed. The most likely reason for this is that there was nobody in the area who would have known how to ring them full circle!

For many years the bells of Greyabbey were classified as unringable (see Fred Duke’s book “Campanology in Ireland”). Recently however, (Feb 2002) the Montgomery family and the Northern District of the IACR had the existing three bells refurbished and three new bells installed.

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