St Saviour's Arklow

 St Saviour's Church was build in 1899 by the Earl of Carysfort as a gift to the people of Arklow. As the inscriptions show, this gift included the bells.  As there was nobody in the area who knew how to ring the bells the Earl brought over Mr J W Washbrook to teach the local band.  The peal boards in the tower indicate that this was a very successful venture - this band rang their first peal on 2 August 1901.

Mr Washbrook was an accomplished peal ringer in own right - on 19th September 1901 he rang the 3 and 4 bells for a Peal of Grandsire Triples.  However, many people (including Lindoff, Baker and Townley) did not believe that this could be done. So, to prove the point on the 19 October 1901 he did it again!

Service Ring - 11.30 - 12.00 (none at present)

 Tower Information

 Full Name      St. Saviour's, Arklow      
 First Peal Rung  12 August 1899
 Dedicated  12 August 1899
 Number of Bells  8
 Directionof ring  Clockwise
 Weight of Tenor  22 Cwt in E


Tower Contact:  Stephen Vanston,