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  1. That this Society shall be called the “Irish Association of Change Ringers”.
  2. That it shall have as its objectives the promotion of ringing Church Bells for Divine Service and the study of scientific change ringing.
  3. That it shall consist of Life, Ringing and Non-Resident Life Members.
  4. That a Life Member shall be a person whom the Association desires to honour for exceptional services rendered by him or her to the exercise.
  5. That a Ringing Member (being a person who is capable of ringing a bell unassisted in rounds) shall pay an annual subscription to the District Treasurer. The annual subscription shall consist of a District and an Association levy; the amount for the Association shall be set by the Executive Council and that for the District by a General Meeting of the District.
  6. That any Ringing Member taking up residence outside the jurisdiction of the Association will automatically become a Non Resident Life Member (NRLM). Any ringer normally resident outside the jurisdiction of the Association may become an NRLM on payment of the appropriate fee, which shall be determined by the Executive Council. NRLMs may also be elected according to rule 23 relating to peal ringing.
  7. That persons may be admitted as Ringing Members at any District Committee or District Annual Meeting. Proposals for Life Membership must reach the General Secretary not less than 14 days before the holding of the Executive Council with the reasons for such nominations.
  8. That the name of any Ringing Member shall be removed from the books, but may be reinstated at the discretion of the District Committee.
  9. That all subscriptions shall be due on 1st January in each year for that year.
  10. That the management and property of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Council.  The Executive Council shall consist of a President, Ringing Master, General Secretary, General Treasurer and Librarian. In addition, each District shall be represented by a Vice President, Ringing Master, Secretary, and representative for each 50 members or part thereof.  No Association Officer shall hold the same post for more than five consecutive years, with the exception of the Association Librarian who may be re-elected for a sixth year and subsequent years.
  11. That the Executive Council shall have power and control over all the Association’s funds.
  12. That the Association be affiliated to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) and abide by its Rules and Decisions. Each District shall nominate at least one representative, annually, for election to the CCCBR and notify the General Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General meeting of the Executive Council. In the event of a nil return from a District the Executive Council will elect a representative. The Council will then elect the number
    of representatives that the IACR is entitled to have. There is no restriction on the number of yearly terms CCCBR representatives can serve.
  13. That all nominations for the offices of President, Master, Librarian, General Secretary and General Treasurer shall be in the hands of the General Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting of the Executive Council. The Executive Council at its February Meeting to assist agreement, may suggest potential nominations to the District AGM Meetings.  The nominations received from the District AGM’S to the General Secretary shall be considered by the Executive Council at its Annual General meeting (held in May), and in the event of their accepting more than one nomination for any office a ballot of those present who are entitled to vote shall decide. Incoming officers shall take up their positions on 1st January of the year following their election.
  14.  That the Master, who shall be a change-ringer, shall have control of the ringing at all Executive and General Meetings of the Association .
  15. That the Executive Council Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the last of the three District Annual Meetings for the purpose of the election of officers and for the transaction of the business of the Association.
  16. That the General Secretary shall distribute printed copies of the Annual Reports and Statements of all Accounts as soon as possible after 31 January in each year, and in any case before the District Annual Meetings.
  17. That three Districts shall be maintained as established and the names of the Districts shall be “Northern” (embodying all affiliated societies in Northern Ireland), “Eastern” (embodying all affiliated Societies in Leinster except Kilkenny) and “Southern” (embodying all Societies in Munster with Kilkenny). The Executive Council, bearing in mind the geographical position of the various Societies, shall decide in which District they shall be affiliated. 
  18. That each District shall manage its own affairs in all matters save and except where otherwise provided for in these rules, or when they affect the principles and well-being of the Association, in which case the Executive Council shall have power to intervene.
  19. That each District shall hold at least two meetings in each year. The election of District Officers shall take place at the District Annual Meetings only.
  20. That no alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except at the Annual Council Meeting. Particulars of a proposed alteration or addition shall be notified (in writing) to the General Secretary not later than 1 February, who shall distribute such particulars to the District Secretaries for discussion at the various District Annual Meetings.