The Irish Association of Change Ringers

125 years ringing in Ireland


IACR membership categories.

Ringing Member – A Ringing Member (being a person who is capable of ringing a bell unassisted in rounds) shall pay an annual subscription to the District Treasurer. The annual subscription shall consist of a District and an Association levy; the amount for the Association shall be set by the Executive Council and that for the District by a General Meeting of the District.

Honorary Life Member – An Honorary Life Member shall be a person whom the Association desires to honour for exceptional services rendered by him or her to the exercise.

Non-Resident Member – A Non-Resident Member (being a person who, upon leaving the jurisdiction of the Association, has decided to continue to pay their annual membership subscription through their tower) shall have the following rights:

  1. To be recorded in the annual report as a member of that tower with the suffix (NRM) after their name.
  2. To attend and speak but not vote at District AGMs.
  3. To qualify to take part in competitions under the jurisdiction of the Association (i.e. Murphy Cup) classified as a visitor for their chosen tower.

NRMs may not hold a District or Association office. Only Ringing Members may become NRMs. Should an NRM fail to pay the annual subscription then Rule 9 will automatically apply and you will become a Non Resident Life Member.

Non-Resident Life Member – That any Ringing Member taking up residence outside the jurisdiction of the Association will automatically become a Non-Resident Life Member (NRLM) unless they decide to take up, at that time, the opportunity provided in Rule 6. Any ringer normally resident outside the jurisdiction of the Association may become an NRLM on payment of the appropriate fee, which shall be determined by the Executive Council.


Association Levy Adult €7.50
Junior : €2.50
District Levy As decided by Districts (see Rule 5)
Non-Resident Life Member £5.00 €7.69 (see Rule 9)
Association Peal Fee £1.00 €1.50 per rope