Southern District - 

The Southern District AGM will take place on Saturday 7th November at 11am on Zoom.


Meeting code:     826 9240 0489   Password:         135246


1. Opening Prayer
2. Losses of members through death
3. Apologies.
4. Minutes of last meeting.
5. Election of officers.

Current office holders:
Chairperson - Cliff Jeffers
Secretary - Maia Paulus
Treasurer - Ivan McCutcheon
Ringing Master - Niamh Hickey
Webmaster - Bill Applebe
Southern District Representatives: Diana Pitcher, Sarah Mulhall, Oliver Roberts.
Southern District Supplementalists Kieron Brislane + two vacant places.
Southern District Representative Central Council of Bell Ringers - Mike Pomeroy

5. Approval of District Reports (Details are in the 2019 book of reports).
i) Secretary (p. 21)
ii) Ringing Master (p. 21)
iii) Treasurer (p.22)

6. District Bell Inspections and Bell repair fund. (p. 23)

7. Child Protection Policy for Southern District (see attached).

8. Association Business
8.1 Election of Association Officers
The Executive Council suggests the following
Office Present Holder Eligible for
Re-Election Year of Election
President Julia Lysaght Yes 2019
Ringing Master Mike Pomeroy Yes 2017
Gen Secretary Peter McBride Yes 2016
Gen Treasurer Andrew White Yes 2018
Librarian June Kelly Yes 2015

8. 2 Proposed changes to Attendance Shield rules(see attached).

8.3 Proposed changes to start date for elected officers (see attached).

8.4 Approval of the wording for the change of rule 11, term of office for the librarian.

9. General discussion on ringing and Covid-19.

10. A.O.B.

Documentation for the meeting is attached and can be accessed by logging into the IACR website and the links below will then be accessible for you to view.

Attendance Shield Rules Changes

Proposal from Mike Pomeroy concerning when Officers take up their positions

Report of the IACR Child Protection Committee.

Proposed Southern District Child Protection Policy.

Strategic Priorities 2020 and beyond.

Page 21-23 of 2019 book of Annual Reports.