The Murphy Cup and AGM which was due to take place on Saturday 23rd May 2020 has been postponed until Saturday 21st November which will hopefully allow the Districts enough time to hold their own AGMs and striking competitions - depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves, of course. Julia has been in contact with the Districts about this and they have agreed. The District secretaries will be in touch with their members with the new District AGM and Cup Competitions dates once they are known, and these will be updated on the website.

Information from the President which has been issued to members via the District Secretaries

First, let me wish all our members good health and safety during the Covid-19 emergency.

Amid the disruption to our lives caused by this virus, people may have been wondering what will happen about the district and association competitions and AGMs that usually take place at this time of year but had to be postponed. We very much hope it is just that - postponed, not cancelled.

Consultation with district and association officers has come up with a suggestion to hold the Association AGM and Murphy Cup on Saturday 21st November, that being the third Saturday of the month. A venue will be fixed by the Ringing Master in due course. If the Covid-19 virus runs a similar course to most viruses, it could be possible to resume normal activities by the summer, in which case a November date would give the three districts plenty of time in which to choose dates for their own AGMs and striking competitions. In a worst-case scenario we could abandon everything for 2020, but I hope it won't come to that.

Meanwhile, stay safe, maybe do a bit of ringing homework during the lockdown, and look forward to better times.

Julia Lysaght
President, IACR

6th April 2020